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    High temperatures can soften, melt, or burn conductors, tubing, insulation, or shields. Choosing a suitable high-temperature cable for your high-heat environment is key to longer-lasting cable life. The right high-temperature cable can reduce unnecessary replacements and avoids downtime.


    If you're looking for high-temperature (+150°C) cables with additional environmentally resistant properties, look no further! TPC carries high-temperature wire and cable in a wide variety of industrial materials and configurations to suit every application. We understand that in today’s globally competitive environment, having a cable that can keep up with your operations in the most extreme climates can be a competitive advantage.

    TPC Wire and Cable Featured High-TemperaturE Brands:

    Our Thermo-Trex® wire and cable line is our tried and true high-temperature cable and features products jacketed with a specially woven glass-braid jacket impregnated with abrasion-resistant finishing compounds. Products in our Thermo-Trex family brand are especially temperature resistant as they are designed from the inside out to be the industry benchmark for high heat performance.


    The Chem-Gard® family of chemical-resistant electrical cable products are rated for -60°C to +200°C and includes a chemical and heat resistant (+200°C) CAT6 Industrial Ethernet Cable for superior performance across Ethernet/IP applications. This control and instrumentation cable features individually shielded pairs with overall shielding and a fluoropolymer jacket that provides excellent chemical, abrasion, and high heat resistance.

    Explore our featured High-Temperature wire & CAble:

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