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Chilean Paper Company Switches to TPC, Saves $7.5K and Increased Production by 15 Hours


A leading Chilean pulp and paper company was experiencing failure every 4 months on a traveling crane that uses a shovel to collect pulp. Cables were repeatedly damaged and cut to the point of failure due to continuous movement of the shovels and wire getting caught as the shovel opened and closed. Production was required to stop while damaged cable was removed and replaced. For each instance of failure, the cost to replace the cable was $1,642 in parts and labor plus 3 hours of downtime.


The TPC representative suggested Super-Trex® Multi-Conductor P&R Cable, which features a unique design supporting payout & retractile applications. Among its many features and benefits are bunch stranded, tinned copper conductors that support long flex life in reeling, flexing, and twisting applications. Live-flex XLPE insulation also delivers high dielectric, tensile, and mechanical properties. In addition, a nylon reinforcing braid embedded between a 2-layer jacket adds strength, improving resistance to impact, abrasion, twisting, and pulling. Finally, the specially compounded TSE jacket serves as the superior first line of defense against abuse in that it resists tearing, abrasion, impact, oil, ozone, most chemicals, flame, and heat, plus it provides extreme all-weather flexibility.


After 2 years had passed, Super-Trex® Multi-Conductor P&R Cable was still in use without need for repair or replacement. The customer’s total expense for the solution was just $2,292 in products and labor, which means TPC’s solution saved the customer $7,560 during that time and allowed the operation to increase production by 15 hours!

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