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Plug and Play Cable Carrier Replaces Ordinary Coil Carrier at Steel Mill


The current take up reel that was used in the unit that moves steel coils to the outside of the mill (about 125') would break weekly. The cable that powered this unit was also getting run over by the coil car. On the average, they were repairing weekly and replacing monthly.


Our engineering department worked with the customer to build a cable carrier system that fit the specific requirements of their situation.


No repairs or replacement of the cable carrier system have occurred in 6 months. Considering the former unit was failing weekly, we feel like we helped this customer find a real solution. In 6 months, they’ve saved $62K in material costs, over $1,800 in labor costs and increased production by 26 hours.

TPC PRODUCT: Custom Designed Cable Carrier System

Total Savings in Material and Labor = $63,800 and Increased Production by 26 Hours
Source: TPC Cost Value Analysis Report #2501