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Power Cable Lasts 8 Years Before Failure in Concession Area


The jacket of the ordinary cable this customer was using kept breaking down due to extreme exposure to hot oil. Once the jacket was compromised, food carts would roll over it and cut or tear the generic welding cable that was in this application.


We introduced this customer to our Super-Trex® Type W/Type TC Power and Automation Cable. The jacket on this cable is a specially compounded TSE double pass jacket. It’s rated for Extra Hard Usage and resistant to oil, heat and flames.


The customer told us that they did not have to replace the TPC cable in this application for 96 months or 8 years! Material and labor costs totaled over $13,000 and they saved 160 production hours.

TPC PRODUCT: Super-Trex® Type W/Type TC Power & Automation Cable

Total Savings in Material and Labor = $13,000 and Increased Production by 160 Hours
Source: TPC Cost Value Analysis Report #2495a