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Stoker Cable Fails Due to Stress From Reel


A metal manufacturing customer was having trouble with the cable near the stoker furnace failing due to the stress from the reel. They were replacing and/or repairing the cable once a month.


We knew two things about the environment — it had to withstand an ambient temperature of 150ºF and withstand the pinch points on the reeling system. TPC suggested using our Super-Trex® brand Type W/Type TC portable power and automation cable. The specially compounded TSE double pass jacket defends against tearing, abrasion, impact, oil, ozone and most chemicals while being flame and heat resistant.


We are happy to report that this customer has had TPC cable in this application for 9 months! In this time frame, it’s saved the customer over $12K in material and labor costs as well as 33 hours of increased production time.

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