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TPC PP&A Cable Outlasts Commodity Product 3:1 in Aeration Pond Application


One of the world’s leading makers of tissue, pulp, paper, packaging, and building products was experiencing routine failure of its aeration pond cable. The customer was using commodity 4/4 power cable on the aerators and noted deterioration from continuous exposure to the chemicals in the caustic pond water and UV light. For each instance of failure, the cost to replace the cable was $4,320 in parts and labor plus 8 hours of downtime because it’s a 2-man job to change out the cable every single time.


The TPC representative suggested that the customer test 4/4 Super-Trex® Type W/Type TC Portable Power & Automation Cable in one of the pond aeration units. Rated for extra hard usage, the portable power cable offers excellent resistance to abrasion, impact, tearing, and most industrial chemicals. No-wick reinforced synthetic fillers won’t wick up liquids, act like a shock absorber when impacted, and a tensile strength. Live-flex ribbed EPR rated 90°C prevents kinking and breakage in twisting and flexing applications, and resists dry rot. The heavy-duty security yellow TSE jacket provides a superior first line defense against abuse from oil, chemicals, ozone, tearing, abrasion, heat, and flame while providing all-weather flexibility.


TPC’s 4/4 Super-Trex® Type W/Type TC Portable Power & Automation Cable lasted three times longer than the previous cable, saving the customer $4,815 in materials and labor and gaining back 16 hours in production time. Imagine the savings and benefits when applied to multiple units!

Total Savings in Material and Labor = $4,815 and Increased Production by 16 Hours