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Extreme Temperature

High heat cable saves steel customer over 15k in less than one year – Download the case study

Finding a cable that can perform at -94°F or 1000°F just got a lot easier. TPC Wire & Cable Corp. understands that in today’s global competitive environment that having a cable that can keep up with your operations in the most extreme climates can be a competitive advantage.

Choosing the right product family for your environment is key to a longer-lasting cable life. If you're looking for high temperature (+150°C) cables with additional environmental resistant properties, we have a variety of viable solutions.

Super-Trex® is home to our extreme temperature cable (-70°C to +150°C) as well as the mainstay of products jacketed with specially compounded thermoset elastomer (-40°C to 90°C).

Our Trex-Onics® products are jacketed with a specially formulated polyurethane material, such as our individually shielded resolver cable (-40°C to 90°C) while products in our Thermo-Trex® family are especially temperature resistant as they are designed from the inside out to be the industry benchmark for high heat performance.

The Chem-Gard™ family of chemical resistant electrical cable products (rated for -60°C to +200°C) even features a chemical and heat resistant (+200°C) CAT6 Industrial Ethernet Cable for superior performance across Ethernet/IP applications.