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Serving Utility Transmission, Distribution & Mobile Substations


Utility Transmission & Distribution companies are responsible for keeping the lights on through ongoing maintenance, upgrades, and emergency repairs on electrical substations. It's essential for utility companies to have access to temporary power solutions that keep their mobile substations running in the event of an unplanned outage. 


Amphenol TPC Wire & Cable is your one-stop shop for medium voltage cables, connectors, and storage and deployment solutions. Our comprehensive package delivers a unique set of solutions, making us truly one of a kind. Whether it's a custom need or an out-of-the-box solution, ATPC offers quality products and services when you need them the most!

Medium Voltage Products & Services

  • Medium Voltage (MV) Cable- 5kV to 35kV & Custom cut lengths
  • Power Assemblies- Provide a plug-and-play solution
  • Connector Services- Installed by TPC’s certified technicians
  • Testing Services- Finished assemblies tested and documented before shipping
  • Storage & Deployment- Can be customized to meet your needs

Our flexible medium voltage cable offering includes our Super-Trex® Type SH Power Cables designed for mobile substations and provide excellent durability and output, ensuring a reliable solution to connect the mobile to the substation. Our technicians can install customized medium voltage connectors and test them in-house for proper functionality, ensuring customers can install them without additional adjustments or testing.


To complete your medium voltage needs, ATPC Wire & Cable builds custom storage and deployment solutions for MV cables. Our specialized trailers offer a secure and safe environment for cable transport and our innovative system ensures personnel and equipment are protected during deployment and retrieval.

Wire & Cable Solutions for Utility Transmission, Distribution & Mobile Substations

Literature & Video

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Solutions for the Utility- Transmission & Distribution

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Storage & Deployment Trailers Brochure

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Medium Voltage Solutions Video

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Medium Voltage Trailers & Deployment Systems Video

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TPC Medium Voltage & Temporary Power Solutions

Case Studies

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Importance of a safe, dynamic industrial cable storage & deployment system


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