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      We have better running motors with none of the overload problems we had before.
      Robert M Rooker
      Maintenance Manager, Sister Schubert’s Homemade Rolls

      Custom Wire and Cable for Demanding Applications

      For over four decades, TPC Wire & Cable Corp. has been a leading industrial supplier of rugged, high-performance wire and cable products designed to withstand abuse from impact, abrasion, continuous flexing, caustic chemicals, and extreme temperatures for a wide range of industries. We help our customers avoid unplanned downtime by providing high-quality, high-performance products that minimize frequent replacement from damage or wear.

      Not just a warehouse or a simple manufacturer, we also work closely with our customers to provide specific MRO and OEM supply chain solutions, including custom-designed wire and cable products and in-house engineering expertise. We can tackle your toughest application challenges to create a customized solution perfect for you. We take pride in offering added value to our customers — by providing services like on-site inventory — which helps us deliver one-of-a-kind service experiences.

      A Little Bit of Our History

      Founded in 1979 in Cleveland, Ohio, TPC Wire & Cable was originally a spin-off of Cadillac Electric under Premier Industrial Corporation, with warehouse operations based in Indianapolis, Indiana. We grew quickly, and in 1986, our warehouse was relocated to a larger facility in Mentor, Ohio.

      Since then, TPC has continued to scale up through a series of acquisitions and expansion into international sales with the establishment of distributors and assembly services in Mexico and South Korea.

      Through all of this growth and expansion, TPC has stayed firmly rooted in our original values and continues to operate out of our headquarters in Northeast Ohio to this day.

      Rugged Industrial Cable Products

      The wire, cable, and connector products we sell are designed specifically for use in harsh industrial environments, and include:

      But we don’t just sell industrial wire and cable. We solve problems. The most valuable resource we have to offer our customers is our in-house engineering team, experts in the field who have the insight, expertise, and experience to collaborate with you on affordable, just-right solutions.

      Our goal with custom-engineered services and solutions is to support your innovation and solve your specific MRO and OEM supply chain needs. We’ll sit down with you to offer hands-on consultation to design application-specific recommendations from our diverse engineering, product development, and operations teams. Our in-house services create solutions that meet your exact specifications and solve problems even before they arise.

      Industries We Serve

      As industrial cable suppliers, our expertise is both broad and deep. We serve a range of industries with specific and highly customized products:

      Our Ohio Facility

      Our 134,000-square-foot facility in Macedonia, Ohio, includes a warehouse with a broad range of on-demand product inventory so you can get quick access to a wide range of high-temperature, chemical-resistant, medium-voltage, and portable power control and instrumentation wire and cable products. We also have high-quality TPC products like our Grip Seal® cable glands and Vulko-Wrap™ self-vulcanizing adhesive — just to name a couple.

      Our Northeast Ohio headquarters is also where you’ll find many of our expert engineers and product developers at work in our cable assembly center, engineering testing labs, and custom printing facility.

      Just a Few of Our Credentials

      We strive to be continually committed to quality through active participation in the ISO 9001 quality system, 5S (Five S) workplace organizational methods, and hold multiple certifications. We also have continuous improvement teams that engage 10% of our employees at any given time.

      We also take pride in being a government-dedicated business, holding a U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Multiple Award Schedule Contract, and an employer of choice, holding a Northcoast 99 Award for “Top mid-sized company to work for in Northeast Ohio.”

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      We have better running motors with none of the overload problems we had before.
      Robert M Rooker
      Maintenance Manager, Sister Schubert’s Homemade Rolls

      Shipyard Case Study

      See how our Super-Trex® 600 Volt Welding Cable helped a shipyard save $286,000 in two years.
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