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I was informed that because my project was custom I could orient each wire in the cable to sit next to the one I wanted it to, taking up less room in the junction box.
Steve Uhlir
Operations Manager, Classic Diagnostic Imaging – Macedonia, Ohio
welding cable saves shipyard $286,000

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“Norfolk Naval Shipyard has been partnering with TPC Wire & Cable since 2010. Previously, concerning weld lines from other companies, the yard’s harsh environment along with shipboard operations caused downtime. Since selecting TPC, our cost has decreased, quality has improved, and our welders are pleased with the durability of the welding and arc lines. Working with TPC is a joy. Our account manager follows up with us regularly to offer fresh ideas and products and will, at the drop of a hat, listen to us when we have an idea. Norfolk Naval Shipyard brought to the rep’s attention a few ideas to improve our welding cables and lines. TPC picked up the ball and designed products that we now use at the Navy Yard every day. As a Supervisor of Norfolk Naval Shipyards Equipment Section servicing over 400 welders, I have one less area of concern when issuing TPC products to my welders.”

– Douglas E. Kubizna, Supervisor, Norfolk Naval Shipyard

“This cable [TPC’s Chem-Gard® 12/4] was all it was represented to be and more. My electricians loved working with it. We replaced 10 AWG THHN with 12/4 AWG for 15 H.P. blowers in a -30°F freezer and We have better running motors with none of the overload problems we had before.”

– Robert M Rooker, Maintenance Manager, Sister Schubert’s Homemade Rolls

 “I was looking for a durable cable that was flexible enough to make tight turns in a confined area and not stress the cable shield. I found it at TPC. Not only that, I was informed that because my project was custom I could orient each wire in the cable to sit next to the one I wanted it to; making a neater pony tail and, in the end, taking up less room in the junction box. Then, I was told I could put whatever I wanted on the exterior of the cable shield – TPC gave me the idea to put our name and phone number on the cable jacket for future customers. I worked with Tim (TPC Custom Cable Engineer) and he designed a cable that is more flexible and able to move freely within the constraints of the imaging machines our company refurbishes. Since we’re local, Rick (TPC Sales Rep) put the reel in his car and dropped it off! I couldn’t be happier with the service and results…It is a dream to work with this cable. I cannot believe how flexible the cable is! It is a joy not to fight this cable and force it to hold down with zip ties. It really does what you say it does. The other thing I love about the cable is the orientation of the individual wires within the cable shield. It makes it so much easier, not to mention neater, to assign the wires to their designated places. Our phone number on the cable looks really cool, too. We have finished our third refurb with the new wire and I really love it.”

– Steve Uhlir, Operations Manager, Classic Diagnostic Imaging – Macedonia, Ohio

 “We have been using Super-Trex® Welding Cables from TPC Wire and Cable. They are lasting much longer and with fewer repairs. Our MSHA citations have also been almost eliminated!”

– Travis Kirk, Prep Plant Supervisor, The Marshall County Coal Company’s Marshall County Mine

 “Just wanted to say your heavy-duty cable stripper has helped us maintain a safer work environment for our heavy cable assembly area. We were using a razor knife prior to getting this tool due to varying jacket thickness on one cable. Your tool gets most of the job done with less time taken and fewer hazards to the operator!”

– Tyler McLaughlin TT Electronics-IMS

 “We found the pulsing of the hydraulic hoses ate through the cables, shorting them out. We needed a better cable in critical areas of our control system so TPC showed us their Super-Trex® and Trex-Onics® products, and told us they would solve the wear problem. Of course, we were skeptical, but TPC challenged us to try anything to cause a failure. We decided to try the most abusive thing we could think of — run the cable over with a tracked rig. The cable was run over by a 60,000 lb track rig. When the initial test didn’t cause a failure, we performed a 0 degree turn, pivoting directly on the cable. The only damage to the cable was the abraded outer casing. Since this experiment 3 years ago, we have been using Super-Trex® and Trex-Onics® for our mission-critical cable assemblies, without a failure. We also now exclusively use Super-Trex® for all of the AC devices on the rig (lighting, heaters, control room power, etc.) It costs more than regular SOO or SOOW, but we know the cable will survive the environment. In many instances, the increased cost is offset because we can often eliminate the sealtite and conduit as well.”

– Al Creely, Senior Control Engineer Schramm, Inc.

 “Our weld lead and power lead cables are subject to extreme conditions. They lie in oils, solvents, soaps, and are subject to being run over by forklifts and other machinery. Previous to TPC, we changed out cable two to three times per year on each of our eight welding machines. We found burn holes, spongy insulation, and split covers to be our most frequent cause for replacement. Since we began using TPC, I am very happy to report we have not changed a single cable out to date. Some of our machines have been equipped with TPC cable for three full years! TPC has greatly reduced downtime and is an important asset to our welding safety program. I highly recommend TPC cables for any severe service condition.”

– Dennis D. Bullock, Boilermaker Leadman, Northtown Diesel Shop, Burlington Northern Railroad

“We have been extremely pleased with a variety of products TPC has brought to the table. – especially the Slip Ring Harness. Previously, we were powering down and accessing our turbines monthly to replace cable. This was not just an issue because of downtime and labor costs. It was also a safety issue, as the cable would often crack and expose wires. TPC’s engineers provided us with a custom-designed solution that was extremely flexible and which has held up incredibly well over time. Since the custom assembly was installed a few years ago, the cable has shown no sign of damage, we’ve had no breakdowns, and we’ve made zero repairs. Due to the success we’ve had with the 80+ turbines that are currently using TPC’s Slip Ring Harness, we plan to switch over more than 200 additional turbines as failures occur, replacing each of the commodity harnesses with TPC’s product.”

– Dustin Coats, Regional Purchasing Agent Leeward Renewable Energy (Formerly Infigen Energy)

“I’m a big proponent of TPC Wire & Cable and have used many of their product offerings over the past several years at Simpson Tacoma Kraft. One of the first products that I made use of in the mill was a 16/3 Super-Trex® Ultra-Gard® Portable Cable. This cable was used to We used the 16/3 Super-Trex® Ultra-Gard® Portable Cable power our new LED lights on one of our roadways. Regular SO Cord would always become dry rotted and crack, causing the light to become inoperable. I have not experienced this problem with the Super-Trex cable. It was installed in late 2010 and looks just as good as the day it was installed. We experienced some failures with some of our armored cable runs and decided to give TPC’s 6/4 Super-Trex® a trial run and now, in October of 2011. We have installed close to 4,000 feet of this cable while experiencing zero failures. The Super-Trex cable’s chemical resistance and tough jacket lends itself to a longer cable life, reducing unscheduled downtime which results better runtime and money savings. Simpson will be installing a custom cable by end of year to provide power to the paper mills high bay lighting which has been reworked twice since its first installation. TPC’s molded silicone cord sets should put an end to this type of rework once and for all. The Simpson Tacoma Kraft Electrical Dept. has recently implemented a plan to replace our current store stock THHN Wire to TPC’s Chem-Gard® 200°C Product. Our environment consists of humidity, heat and chemicals. The  Chem-Gard® 200°C product excels in each of these environments and allows one type of product throughout the site. In the longrun this will allow us to reduce repairs, replacements and unscheduled downtimes. Simpson Tacoma Kraft currently stocks close to 55 of TPC’s product offerings and are completely satisfied with the product they produce.”

– Al Plybon, Electrical & Instrumentation Planner, Simpson Tacoma Kraft

I was informed that because my project was custom I could orient each wire in the cable to sit next to the one I wanted it to, taking up less room in the junction box.
Steve Uhlir
Operations Manager, Classic Diagnostic Imaging – Macedonia, Ohio

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