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International Business

International Partners:

TPC Wire & Cable Corp. Mexico
Address: Campo Real 121
Col. Valle Real, Saltillo Coahuila
CP 25198
Phone: 001-877-283-1696

Precision S.A.
Electrical Supply Store
Address: El Salto 4291, Santiago, Huechuraba, Región Metropolitana, Chile
Phone: +56 2 2422 6000

Precisión Perú
Proveedor de Equipos Industriales y Eléctricos
Address: Av. Paseo de la República 2131, Lima 13 - Perú.
Phone: +51 1 265 6666

Broland Korea Co. Ltd.
Level 2, Broland B/D, 1285 Daewangpangyoro, Sujeong-gu, Seongnam, Kyunggi, Korea.
Phone: +82 31 758 1105
Fax: +82 31 758 1109

Currently, TPC Wire & Cable Corp. conducts business in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Peru. In each of these countries, TPC partners with an in-country distributor to promote the total lower cost of ownership value that TPC brings while at the same time marketing our products which are designed to withstand the harshest industrial environments including abrasion, tension, chemicals, flexing and extreme temperatures.

In Mexico, TPC now has its own facility to further expand assembly services and product inventory across the country. TPC Mexico customer base continues to expand to include a variety of industries including steel, auto, mining, wood, pulp & paper and food & beverage.

Future expansion is in the strategic planning stages for Chile, Colombia, Singapore, Australia and Johannesburg, South Africa.

To learn more about TPC international business, please call us
at 1-800-211-4520 or contact us.