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Do you find yourself repairing your equipment’s cable and wire due to exposure to high temperatures, harsh chemicals, abrasion, or impact? What about difficulty handling or managing cables due to their weight, stiffness, or flexibility in tight spaces? Industrial cables play a crucial role in the metals industry by facilitating efficient power transmission, enabling control and monitoring systems, and ensuring the safety and reliability of operations in this demanding sector.


TPC Wire & Cable is a leading supplier of high-quality, high-performance wire, cable, connectors, and assemblies designed and engineered to withstand harsh industrial environments. We know how critical it is that your cables and connectors be able to survive abuse from impact, abrasion, flexing, extreme temperatures, and chemicals. Our broad line of rugged chemical-resistant and temperature-resistant cable products can be found in furnace and oven areas, refining and smelting areas, scrap yards, melt shops, pot lines, casters, mills, foundries, cranes and just about every other layer in the process. 


Our signature products for the Metal Industry include Type W power cables, high-temperature cables, chemical-resistant cables, and our family of reeling and control cables. Specially-designed products include our 200°C CAT6 industrial Ethernet cable and robust, general-use, 200°C Soaking Pit cables.


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TPC Wire and Cable Solutions for Steel & Metal Applications 


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Steel Market Solutions

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Cable Carrier Systems

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Custom Cable Solutions Brochure

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Super-Trex® Family of Electrical Cord & Cable

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VFD: Installing Cable that Powers and Protects

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VFD Cable Solutions

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Thermo-Trex® Family of High-Temperature Wire, Cable & Sleeving

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Chem-Gard® Family of Cable for Extreme-Temperature & Chemicals

Case Studies


Company Avoids Unplanned Downtime by Not Having to Repair Welding Leads


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Stoker Cable Fails Due to Stress From Reel


Custom Cable Assembly for Sheet Metal Manufacturer Saves Enormous Amount of Time and Money


Large Steel Customer Finds Solution for Rail Turner Abrasion and Flexing Problems

Markets Served - Steel & Aluminum

Steel Plant Updates Tripper Machine Welding Cable


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