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The metals industry is a critical sector that plays an essential role in various industrial applications, such as automotive, aerospace, energy, and construction. Therefore, the cables used in this industry must be able to withstand harsh conditions, including extreme temperatures, abrasion, and impact. At Amphenol TPC, we understand the unique demands of the metals industry and the importance of having reliable and durable cable products that can withstand these challenging conditions. We offer an extensive range of cable products specifically engineered to meet the unique needs of the metals industry.


Our Super-Trex®, Trex-Onics®, and Thermo-Trex® products are designed to be abrasion and temperature-resistant, making them ideal for different applications within your steel or metal manufacturing areas. Whether it's in scrap yards, melt shops, pot lines, casters, or mills, our cables and accessories are reusable products with an industry-leading lifespan that saves time, labor, and the overall cost of ownership.

Metals Industry APPLICATIONS

ATPC provides high-performance cables engineered with cost-saving durability designed for use in a number of industry-specific applications.


Blast Furnace Caster BOP/BOF Furnaces  Steel Production
 Bottle Car Motor 
 Fluid Power Controllers 
 Mag Ladles 
 Mixing or Stockhouse 
 Mud Guns 
 Pendant Control 
Port Welders 
 Reel Systems 
 Transfer Cars 
 Cable Carriers 
 Load Cell 
 Motor Drives 
 Motor Leads 
 Slab Torch 
 Torch Burners 
 Welding Units
Charge Crane 
 Furnace/Ladle Cars 
 Magnet Crane 
 Power Along 
 Precipitator & Bag House 
 Refractory Area 
 Slag Pot Car 
 Table Welders 
 Transfer Car
Battery Chargers 
 Crane Controls 
 Emergency Power 
 Hot Strip 
 Slab Cutting 
 Soaking Pits 
 Storage and Logistics
 Hot Mill  Electric Arc Furnace 


Integrated Steel / Melt Shop 
Cable Protection 
 Extension Cord 
 Heat Controls 
 Heat Treat 
 Pendant Control 
 Turtle Burners
Forge & Finishing 
 Motor Drives 
 Tap & Cast 
 Torque Car Power 

Cable Carriers 
 Feed Power 
 Furnace Power 
 Ladle Car Power 

Charging Cars 
Coke Ovens 
 Coke Pusher Guide Rack 
 Hood Hoists 
 Motorized Valves 
 Quench Pans 
 Cold Mills 

 Foundry / Data Highway   Scrap Yard Crane
Motor Leads

Disa Sand 
 Mold Machine

 Camera Monitoring 
Control Systems

 Magnet Crane 
Transfer Cars 
 Vehicle Harnesses
Power & Control 

Wire and Cable Solutions for Metal Applications 


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Solutions for the Metals Industry

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Cable Carrier Systems

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Custom Cable Solutions Brochure

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Super-Trex® Family of Electrical Cord & Cable

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VFD: Installing Cable that Powers and Protects

TPC-Literature Image-02

VFD Cable Solutions

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Thermo-Trex® Family of High-Temperature Wire, Cable & Sleeving

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Chem-Gard® Family of Cable for Extreme-Temperature & Chemicals

Case Studies


Company Avoids Unplanned Downtime by Not Having to Repair Welding Leads


Steel Customer Finds Solution For Torch Machine Application


Stoker Cable Fails Due to Stress From Reel


Custom Cable Assembly for Sheet Metal Manufacturer Saves Enormous Amount of Time and Money


Large Steel Customer Finds Solution for Rail Turner Abrasion and Flexing Problems

Markets Served - Steel & Aluminum

Steel Plant Updates Tripper Machine Welding Cable


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