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Steel Plant Replaces Cable in Motor Power Application


A steel plant in Fairfield, Alabama was replacing their ordinary cable every three months on a motor power application in their pipe mill. The cable jacket was degrading to the point of failure due to extreme hot temperatures and oil abrasion. They had 100 motors that were showing the same failure.


Our TPC sales representative recommended that they try our Chem-Gard™ 200 product. This product was designed specifically for high heat applications with a fluoropolymer jacket that can withstand temperatures up to 200°C (392°F). It also is designed with fluoropolymer conductor insulation and high temperature fluoropolymer fillers, which don’t wick up any oils or coolants and are extremely chemical resistant.


Our customer updates us yearly that this product is still in the application. Just recently, they confirmed that it has been four years that the cable has been in application – on all 100 motors! At this time, it has saved our customer about $359,000 in material and labor costs and increased production hours by 1,692.

TPC PRODUCTS: Chem-Gard™ 200 14/4 & 12/4 Unshielded Multi- Conductor High Temp Non-Shielded Braid

Total Combined Savings in Material and Labor = $359,000 and Increased Production by 1,692 Hours

Source: TPC Cost Value Analysis Report # 2528 & 2529