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Aerospace Manufacturer Looking for Tension and Twisting Solution


Customer’s current cable continued to fail due to the tension and twisting inherent in the cat track application. They were looking for a cable to supply control power since they had been replacing the cable about once a year, which they thought was too frequent.


We suggested that they try our flexible Super-Trex® brand Multi-Conductor Payout & Retractile (P&R) cable since it has a nylon reinforcing braid embedded between two jacket layers. This provides extra strength and improves cable resistance to twisting and pulling.


The last we heard from the customer, TPC cable lasted 72 months or 6 years in this application. It saved this company $1,700 in material costs, $1,300 in labor costs and they gained 30 hours of increased production.

TPC PRODUCT: Super-Trex® Multi-Conductor Payout & Retractile Cable

Total Savings in Material and Labor = $3,000 and Increased Production by 30 Hours
Source: TPC Cost Value Analysis Report #2416