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Steel Bars Manufacturer Has a Hot Problem with Furnace Cable


A manufacturer of engineered steel bars was replacing furnace cable every single week for all 6 units in its melt shop. Cable was routinely failing due to high temperatures associated with the environment, molten steel dropping onto the jacket (which also becomes abrasive once hardened), and cuts from being dragged around and run over. For each weekly failure, the cost to replace cable totaled $418 in parts and labor, which added up quickly over time – not to mention the hours in downtime.


The TPC field sales representative suggested Thermo-Trex® 500K Cable with Stainless Steel Overbraid. Flexibility is achieved by using finely-stranded, tinned copper conductors and a specially woven aramid-braid jacket impregnated with heat and moisture-resistant finishing compounds. High heat resistance allows the cable to withstand continuous temperatures up to 392°F and flash heat up to 775°F. The aramid fiber braid jacket adds tensile strength and added protection against abrasion.


After 10 months in use, the customer was excited to share that TPC’s product was holding up well against the environment. The total cost in product and labor for TPC’s solution was just $1,307 compared to the $16,730 the customer would’ve spent replacing the commodity product 40 times during that same timeframe — a $15,422 savings! Plus, the customer was able to avoid downtime.

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