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3 Advantages our Marine Cables Provide Your Shipyard

Posted by TPC Wire & Cable Corp. on June 13, 2019


The shipyard industry is full of harsh conditions that can impact the operational life of traditional electrical wire and cable.

From welding to building cable connections to running cable for both short-and long-term power, there are a lot of cord and cable applications in a shipyard. Most importantly, all these marine cables are exposed year-round to water, extreme temperatures, and weathered by elements daily. 

TPC understands the struggles shipyard maintenance and repair teams face and is dedicated to providing solutions to a shipyard’s biggest problems.

1.) We promote safety and reduce downtime.

By taking the time-intensive labor out of unsafe, on-site cable builds, we help free up your crew to address other critical work that keeps your project on schedule. TPC’s work supports prevention of premature marine cable failure, which can rid you of preventable downtime.

We properly strip cables back and have our own patented IP69K-rated Molded Locking Connector Assemblies that provide added safety and plug-and-play capabilities. These capabilities fight to keep the elements away from your marine cables and prevent premature failures, ultimately eliminating the stress of worrying about your cable’s exposure when in the shipyard.

Plus, our products carry tested and validated certifications with the most reputable agencies, so you know you're making a good investment.

2.) Our MARINE cable is reusable. Yes. Reusable.

TPC knows you're used to throwing away cable after every project. Why? Because in a tough environment, it simply doesn't withstand more than a single use. Ours can.

3.) We provide countless value-add services.

TPC knows how valuable your space is, so the inventory is ours to carry. We have an on-site warehouse full of on-demand products. Check with us for availability on weld assemblies (taper and ball nose), portable cord, ship-to-shore power cable, and even stringer lights. Another service TPC provides is custom printing. Custom printing allows you to stick to brand, provide an identification number right on the cable, or even print instructions for your crew.


Still not convinced? TPC’s designs are rugged and engineered for being subjected to whatever the elements throw into the mix: Impact, abrasion, flexing, tension, chemicals, extreme temperatures. Even, flame. See for yourself.

Contact us today, we have a team of problem-solving innovators who are ready to talk about your challenges and to develop a creative, customized, longer-lasting solution.

request a product sample from tpc to find product solutions for your toughest application problems

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