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Your Solution For Power and Deployment in an Emergency

Posted by TPC Wire & Cable Corp. on September 12, 2019

TPC provides custom engineered solutions to solve some of our customer’s biggest problems. In some cases, our cables are relied upon to complete monumental tasks quickly and safely during every use. TPC has engineered a fully molded series 22 connector with patented locking systems to prevent the connector from pulling apart along with customized deployment solutions to meet the customer’s exact needs. These engineered solutions have brought success to many customers including those in the nuclear industry and in naval shipyards.

Natural Disaster

In March of 2011, Japan experienced a record high magnitude earthquake resulting in a tsunami consuming parts of the island shoreline. As a result of the earthquake and tsunami, a nuclear plant experienced a one of the most significant nuclear accidents since Chernobyl in 1986.

Since the incident, the proposed safety strategy, Diverse and Flexible Mitigation Capability, also known as the FLEX program, was created and is part of a larger safety initiative launched by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that requires reliable backup electrical power and cooling equipment if an unplanned natural disaster disables the primary electrical and cooling systems of a nuclear reactor to protect the public from the consequences of nuclear, natural disasters.


That’s where TPC comes in.


TPC provided patented fully molded connectorized cables and temporary power to nuclear power plants around the world to provide reliable temporary power in case of loss of power. The custom trailer solution protects the cables while in storage and ensures quick, easy, and safe deployment in emergency power situations. TPC engineers customized the system to meet safety specifications specifically for nuclear environments and ease of use for rapid deployment.

Case Study for Cable Deployment


Naval Shipyards

The Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard (PHNSY) is a United States Navy shipyard located in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and serves as a regional maintenance center for the Navy’s surface ships and submarines homeported in Hawaii. The PHNSY provides fly-away support for operations throughout the region, ship technical assessments, calibration, a dive locker, equipment repair, oil and chemical analysis, and natural disaster and emergency response.

Over the past decade, naval shipyards are trying to make changes to their processes to perform faster and at lower costs. The focused effort to improve productivity created an opportunity to provide better quality and more reliable cables to PHNSY to get the job done.

TPC provided the PHNSY with a solution to improve their cable maintenance needs and provide a quicker and safer way to deploy shore to ship power during ship maintenance on a drydock. The original process for deploying power to ships that were docked for maintenance included a rig and several workers to transport cables. It was time consuming and posed a safety risk for all workers involved.

TPC provided the same, reliable patented fully molded series 22 connectors to help prevent the connector from pulling apart and it provided for quicker maintenance. This molded connector promotes fully sealed, tamper proof, backend with superior cable strain relief. The low-profile design also allows for easy placement and routing capabilities during installation. Along with the cable, TPC also designed a custom cable deployment system that is more efficient and requires less workers to operate. The customer deployment system was designed specifically the for naval shipyard applications and provides a long-lasting, cost-effective alternative to ordinary manual systems.

Case Study for Naval Cable Reels


From nuclear plants to naval shipyards, customers choose TPC wire and cable products to get the job done. For more information on TPC’s temporary power solutions and our patented connector, visit us on our website or contact a sales representative today to learn how TPC can solve some of your toughest problems.



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