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Amphenol TPC Wire & Cable Introduces Super-Trex® SJOO Portable Cord

Posted by Amphenol TPC Wire & Cable on Jun 18, 2024 11:05:48 AM





Macedonia, Ohio – June 18, 2024 – Amphenol TPC Wire & Cable, a leading supplier of high-performance wire, cable, connectors, and assemblies for harsh industrial environments, proudly announces a new line of portable cable- Super-Trex® SJOO Portable Cord.


This innovative product is designed to meet the demands of harsh industrial environments and offers exceptional flexibility, durability, and protection. It is ideal for manufacturing and industrial settings in various applications, including powering light machinery, assembly line systems, portable generators, conveyor belts, and industrial cleaning equipment.

Eddie Seibolt, Product Manager, states, “Our new Super-Trex® SJOO Portable Cord is designed to outlast commodity products, offering industrial manufacturers a reliable power connection in demanding environments.”

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Super-Trex® SJOO Portable Cord Key Features and Specifications:

  1. Tinned, Extra-Flex Stranded Copper Conductors: The Super-Trex® SJOO Portable Cord features finely stranded tinned copper conductors. This design enhances flex-life, reduces conductor fatigue, and ensures excellent conductivity. Tinned conductors also resist corrosion and facilitate easy soldering.
  2. Live-Flex & Fluid Resistant Thermoset Insulation with Separator: The thermoset insulation provides superior resistance to lubricating oils, coolants, cutting oils, acids, and most chemicals. Additionally, it enhances tensile strength, making the cord ideal for dynamic applications.
  3. Specially Compounded Security Yellow TSE Jacket: The security yellow TSE jacket offers a first-line defense against tearing, abrasion, impact, oil, ozone, and most chemicals. It is flame and heat-resistant, ensuring reliable performance in extreme conditions. 


The Super-Trex® SJOO Portable Cord is suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Abrasion-Prone Environments: The cord’s robust construction protects against abrasion, making it ideal for use in manufacturing plants, construction sites, and machinery.
  • Chemical-Intensive Industries: Its resistance to chemicals ensures reliable performance in chemical processing plants, refineries, and laboratories.
  • Flexing and Dynamic Applications: Whether it’s robotic arms, conveyors, or moving equipment, the Super-Trex® SJOO Portable Cord excels in dynamic environments.
  • Impact-Resistant Installations: Use it for power distribution, control circuits, and motor connections where impact resistance is crucial.
  • This cable is designed for use in Quick-Connex® Cable Assemblies that are connected to 3, 4, or 5 pole connectors with either 90-degree or straight over-molded heads. Quick-Connex assemblies are typically used in industrial equipment and machinery applications where there is a need for flexibility and resistance to abrasion.


The Super-Trex® SJOO Portable Cord is available in various configurations, including:

  • 18/3 AWG: Suitable for applications requiring three conductors.
  • 18/4 AWG: Ideal for four-conductor setups.
  • 18/5 AWG: Perfect for five-conductor requirements.

For more detailed specifications, visit our website:  Super-Trex® SJOO Portable Cord


Amphenol TPC Wire & Cable’s Commitment: 

Amphenol TPC Wire & Cable is committed to delivering exceptional value to our customers. By joining forces with Amphenol Corporation, we aim to accelerate innovation, expand our global reach, and exceed expectations

About Amphenol TPC Wire & Cable:  

ATPC is a leading provider of high-performance wire, cable, connectors, assemblies, and accessories that are specifically designed to withstand harsh environments and high cost-of-failure situations. Since its establishment in 1979, ATPC has been dedicated to exceeding customer performance specifications and providing products that can withstand abuse from impact, abrasion, flexing, chemicals, extreme temperatures, and other demanding application environments. ATPC's products are constructed to meet a wide range of design challenges across high-reliability applications in various industrial end markets such as automotive, food & beverage, wood pulp & paper, metals, shipyard, utility, mining, and industrial automation. For more information, please visit www.tpcwire.com.  


About Amphenol Corporation: Amphenol Corporation is one of the world’s largest providers of high-technology interconnect, antenna, and sensor solutions. With this acquisition, we extend our capabilities to serve the high technology and harsh environment industrial markets. For more details, please visit amphenol.com.  


Contact: For media inquiries, please contact: Tom Senkevich, VP of Marketing.
Email: tsenkevich@tpcwire.com




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