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Benefits & Applications for Medium Voltage Cable

Posted by TPC Team on June 11, 2015

Sub-StationMedium voltage cable provides a reliable power source in the event of unpredictable power outage situations, power distribution to isolated areas and any application ranging from 5kV up to 35Kv. To ensure that your cable lasts, choose a durable medium voltage cable with excellent flexibility. In addition to flexibility, the cable you choose should include a variety of benefits that will reduce downtime and keep your facility running smoothly.



  • Extreme flexibility & durability
  • Easy to install
  • Superior flex life, longer-lasting
  • Designed to withstand extreme abuse
  • Protection against abrasion, oil, impact, ozone & tearing
  • Reinforced jacket improves resistance to pulling, twisting & tension
  • Factory installed terminations (can be custom)
  • Cut to the exact length you need
  • Electrically tested for safety (eletrical testing report should be provided)
  • Tinned copper conductors for greater flexibility
  • Insulation that protects from moisture, heat & ozone
  • Flexible braided tin copper shielding for industrial strength
  • Heavy duty outer jacket, resistant to abrasion, tearing & cut through

Choose a supplier who keeps electrical cable in stock and ready to ship. The applications for medium voltage cable require a fast cable solution, where you need it right away.



  • Power supply in inclement weather
  • Primary power supply from mobile substation in natural disaster or unpredictable power outages
  • Power supply for construction of substation
  • Power distribution to isolated areas
  • Applications ranging from 5kV up to 35kV
    • Substations
    • Transformers
    • Medium voltage generator sets

Choosing a high quality product that lasts and withstands abusive environments is essential to reducing downtime. Keep people safe and save money by choosing a medium voltage electrical cable supplier that stocks, custom cuts and packages and connectorizes the product so that it's ready to be installed as soon as it arrives. Begin today by downloading our Flexible Medium Voltage Power Solutions Brochure.

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