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Choosing the Right Cables for the Mining Industry

Posted by TPC Team on March 9, 2023


Mining is an inherently harsh environment. Applications expose wire and cable to serious abuse, which is a common cause of failure in commodity cables. Choosing a high-performance industrial cable, assembly or accessory is critical to maintaining safety, and reducing labor, material, and downtime costs.


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Even better, use a cable that is MSHA-approved!

The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), an agency of the United States Department of Labor, enforces compliance with the Federal Mine Safety & Health Act of 1977. MSHA inspectors routinely visit mine sites to identify and eliminate violations.


In many cases, repairs of electrical cable will not meet standards and so replacement is often the better option – which can be a frequent and costly endeavor if a company is in the habit of using commodity cable in harsh applications. Choosing an industrial-grade cable, assembly, or accessory can reduce the overall cost of ownership while diminishing the opportunity for citations and supporting safety initiatives.


Mining is a tough job. Here's a look at the areas in the mining industry where your cable needs to be even tougher.



  • Drills
  • Drop Lines
  • Pumping Operations
  • Process Area

Mine Processing Plant/Foundry

  • Portable Power
  • Smelting Process
  • Refining Process
  • Pumping Operations

    Truck Shop/Truck Electrical Maintenance
  • Extension/Power Cords
  • Light Stands
  • Welders
  • Water/Dust Resistant Connections

Power Conditioning

  • Medium Voltage Power

With bulldozers, drills, explosives, and trucks hard at work, mining companies need cables, connectors, and assemblies that can hold up in harsh environments.  Choose a longer-lasting cable that reduces your downtime, labor, and overall costs.


Click here for TPC wire and cable solutions for the mining industry. 


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