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Pin the Reeling Cable on the Crane Application

Posted by TPC Team on February 10, 2016


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Choosing the right reeling cable for your crane application can feel like a game of chance. You’re not sure which one will do the trick so, with blindfold on and fingers crossed, you choose a cable, install it on the application, and hope for a win. If this particular game of chance sounds risky & reckless to you, you're in good company. Check out our handy-dandy guide for matching the right reeling cable to your crane application - simply scroll for the low-res embedded images or click to download the high-res .pdf. Then, read on to solve your biggest challenge related to a more elusive type of reeling cable.



Another pain point for crane applications is simply and most often related to…availability. In this case, you know exactly what you’re looking for and that’s probably basket-crane cable. The problem you’re likely running into is that you just can’t get your hands on it when you need it during cold-weather months. Due to seasonal supplier shutdowns, basket-crane cable becomes as difficult and costly to track down as Bigfoot. If scarcity is a problem for you this time of year, no worries, TPC has you covered – because we keep our Super-Trex Basket-Crane in stock and ready for same-day shipping, always! TPC’s basket-crane cable is designed for use on lifting equipment, spreader cranes, and other gravity-fed crane systems:

  • Size 2.5mm2 x 42 conductors
  • Polyurethane jacket protects against abrasion and weather extremes
  • Inner construction with aramid reinforcement for increased tensile strength
  • Lead-chain weights add mass for stability in outdoor environments
  • Excellent choice for use in steel mills, shipping/container ports, and wood & paper product manufacturing plants 

At TPC, we understand the value of reducing customer downtime. Your reeling cables must be able to withstand constant abuse and substantial payloads. Our reeling cables are designed with high-quality compounds to provide long-term reliability and excellent service. Learn more about TPC's Reeling Cables.

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