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What is Mobile Statcom?

Posted by TPC Team on August 15, 2023

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Mobile STATCOM (Static Synchronous Compensator) systems are compact, portable units designed to provide reactive power support to the grid. They are used to stabilize voltage levels and reduce power losses in the transmission and distribution networks, particularly during periods of high demand or when there is a fault in the system. 

How does a STATCOM work?

These systems are based on power electronics technology and are equipped with fast-acting voltage regulation capabilities. They can respond to voltage changes within milliseconds, making them ideal for grid stabilization. Mobile STATCOM systems are typically mounted on trailers or skids, making them easy to transport and deploy to different locations.

Advantages of Mobile STATCOM

Mobile STATCOM systems have several advantages over traditional fixed STATCOMs.  

Grid Stability: By providing rapid voltage regulation and reactive power compensation, a mobile STATCOM can help maintain grid stability and avoid voltage collapse during system disturbances or fluctuations in power demand.

Flexibility: Its mobility allows it to be deployed at critical locations to address voltage issues or mitigate grid instability as the need arises.

Temporary Solutions: It can be used as a temporary solution during grid upgrades or maintenance activities where conventional reactive power compensation equipment might not be available.

Emergency Response: In case of sudden power imbalances or grid disruptions, mobile STATCOMs can be quickly deployed to restore grid stability and minimize downtime. 

Cost Savings: Instead of installing permanent STATCOM installations at multiple locations, utilities can use a mobile STATCOM as a cost-effective alternative, moving it to different areas as needed. 

Resourceful: They can also be used in a wide range of applications, including renewable energy integration, industrial power systems, and emergency backup power. 

Overall, mobile STATCOM systems offer an effective grid stabilization and voltage control solution, providing a reliable and flexible alternative to traditional grid infrastructure. 
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