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TPC Introduces Trex-Onics® High-Flex Encoder Cable

Posted by TPC Wire & Cable Corp. on Mar 9, 2017 9:55:00 AM



Media Contact: Susan Biskopski 
TPC Wire & Cable, Corp.
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Single-cable solution results in a high-performance OEM replacement

Macedonia, OH – TPC Wire & Cable Corp. (TPC) is pleased to announce the next generation of servo motor encoder cable has arrived in the form of a single-cable solution. Whereas traditional methods require three separate encoder cables, one dedicated to managing power with a second and third reserved for signal and data, TPC’s Trex-Onics® High-Flex Encoder Cable converges these roles into one cable designed to withstand harsh abuse. Power for the controller is combined with twisted pairs suitable for managing data and signal, resulting in a product that simplifies inventory management, installation, and maintenance to become the ultimate OEM replacement.

The latest capability offered by TPC simplifies what can otherwise be a complicated process when replacing failed OEM cable. Trex-Onics® High-Flex Encoder Cable is compatible with multiple interfaces for encoders including EnDat, HIPERFACE®, and Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI). Furthermore, whereas TPC typically develops cable in a shade of yellow signature to the brand, Trex-Onics® High-Flex Encoder Cable is presented in Green RAL6018, the industry’s color code indicative of feedback. Finally, Trex-Onics® High-Flex Encoder Cable pairs well with TPC’s frequently requested Molded & Mechanical M23 Connectors to create a complete connectorized assembly that arrives ready to install and which is made to withstand the constant flexing and pulling associated with servo motor applications.

Trex-Onics® High-Flex Encoder Cable is built to withstand the harsh industrial environments in which many servo motors operate. Finely-stranded copper conductors, color-coded for easy identification, improve flexibility and extend conductor life in dynamic applications. Pairs used for analog and digital signals are protected with braid and foil to promote maximum flex-life and signal integrity. A heavy-duty tinned copper braid serves as a shield against EM/RF noise and interference. Lastly, the specially compounded thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) jacket serves as a superior first line of defense against abrasion, flexing, oil, and other abuse associated with dynamic applications.

"We’re excited to deliver this latest innovation supporting motion control,” said Tim Hannigan, Engineered Cable Innovation Manager at TPC. “The fact that we can now provide one cable to manage all the needs of a controller and outlast the OEM product is a significant win for our customers. It's a streamlined solution that simplifies their operation, reduces downtime, and minimizes overall costs.” Trex-Onics® High-Flex Encoder Cable benefits customers anywhere automation is present, including the automotive, food & beverage, transportation, and general manufacturing markets.

About TPC Wire & Cable Corp.

TPC Wire & Cable Corp. is a leading supplier of high-performance wire, cable, connectors, and assemblies used in harsh industrial environments. TPC’s products are designed and engineered to withstand severe conditions including impact, abrasion, chemicals, constant flexing, and extreme temperatures. The company’s dependable products outlast ordinary cable in the most difficult applications, reducing downtime and overall cost. TPC serves a variety of industries including steel, automotive, utility, mining, transportation, food and beverage, oil and gas, and wood, pulp and paper. For more information about TPC Wire & Cable products, visit www.tpcwire.com.

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