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TPC Wire & Cable Introduces Thermo-Trex® Soaking Pit Cable

Posted by TPC Wire & Cable Corp. on Jun 28, 2017 10:09:00 AM



Media Contact: Susan Biskopski, Marketing Manager
TPC Wire & Cable, Corp.
(216) 525-4425


New product is engineered to withstand molten splashes, mechanical abuse inherent to industrial steel plants

Macedonia, OH – June 28, 2017 - TPC Wire & Cable Corp. (TPC) is pleased to announce the latest debut in its popular line of high-temperature products. Thermo-Trex® Soaking Pit Cable is a multi-conductor power cable designed to provide long service life in applications exposed to hot material contact, molten splash, and mechanical abuse. It is especially suited for use in steel plants as power cable on slag and teeming ladel cars, transfer cars, overhead cranes, mud guns, scrap charging machines, and soaking pits.

The newest innovation in TPC’s Thermo-Trex® line, a family of products designed from the inside out to set the benchmark for high heat performance, TPC’s robust Thermo-Trex® Soaking Pit Cable is constructed using stranded, tinned copper conductors to improve flexibility. Insulation consists of heat and moisture-resistant silicone rubber with fiberglass braiding over each conductor to prevent damage from abrasion and heat while aiding with conductor identification. Non-flammable fiberglass wrap tape improves performance in flexing and overhead applications while also providing an additional layer of moisture and thermal resistance. An inner braid jacket made of aramid fibers resists moisture, flame, heat, and abrasion. The outer jacket of braided stainless steel delivers 95% coverage for the best defense against abrasion and mechanical abuse.

“The steel industry looks to TPC for high-temperature, electrical cable solutions that will work in the toughest applications,” said Debbie Tromp, Product Manager at TPC. “In fact, high-temperature solutions are among the most frequently visited pages on our website. We are pleased to satisfy the market’s demand for this product, adding to the extensive list of solutions we’ve been delivering to steel customers since 1979.”

About TPC Wire & Cable Corp.

TPC is a leading supplier of high-performance wire, cable, connectors, and assemblies used in harsh industrial environments. TPC’s products are designed and engineered to withstand abuse from impact, abrasion, chemical exposure, continuous flexing, and extreme temperatures. The company’s dependable products outlast ordinary cable in the most difficult applications, reducing downtime and overall cost. TPC serves a variety of industries including the steel, automotive, utility, transportation, food & beverage, oil & gas, and wood, pulp & paper markets. For more information about TPC Wire & Cable products, visit www.tpcwire.com.

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