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Heat Tracing Cables Prevent Plant Downtime Caused By Frozen Water Pipes

Posted by TPC Team on July 28, 2015

thermo-trex-heat-trace-assembly-newGlobal specialist distributor and worldwide exporter, Thorne & Derrick International (T&D), recently featured a TPC Wire & Cable contributed article about heat tracing electrical cables for frost protection of water pipework.

Consequences of frost damaged water services can go from inconvenient to catastrophic in an instant. T&D explains,

Regardless of the extent of damage, distress and disruption caused by a “burst” there is a simple counter measure which can be introduced as part of a routine plant maintenance programme.

In addition to the devastating effects on peoples homes, frozen and burst pipes also have a painful financial implication. The Association Of British Insurers (ABI) state:

“Losses resulting from burst / leaking pipes or faults in a property’s plumbing system have a significant impact on the insurance industry and ABI members pay out around £2.5 million every day to customers in what they term ‘escape of water’ claims”

Commercially, frozen pipes can cause manufacturing production interruptions – such unplanned shutdowns can have incalculable cost impacts on the “bottom-line”. Water supplied by pipework is the lifeblood of industry. For instance, a power plant requires constant and uninterrupted water supply to operate boiler feed pumps, circulation pumps, cooling water pumps, condensate pumps, exhaust and draught fans.


Heat tracing cable and assemblies can decrease downtime, increase safety and ultimately save your water pipes from bursting. Unprotected pipes are susceptible to cold temperatures, because water expands when it goes from liquid to solid form.

  1. When water is frozen, it will expand to a volume 9% greater than in a liquid state.
  2. Ice blockage becomes more likely when outside temps drop below freezing.
  3. Cold wind reaching unprotected pipes quickly removes heat and increases chance of ice formation.
  4. Water pressure that builds between the ice blockage and a closed faucet can cause the pipe to burst.

Learn how you can protect your water pipes from the cold and reduce downtime by downloading TPC's Thermo-Trex® Heat Trace Assembly sheet.

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Read more about overcoming downtime caused by frozen pipes by using the proper heat tracing cable and assemblies, HERE, on the T&D International Blog.


Based in the United Kingdom, Thorne & Derrick International is a global distributor and exporter of electrical, mechanical, process, instrumentation and safety/load securing equipment. T&D distributes over 100,000+ products from over 100+ manufacturers worldwide.

Topics: Reducing Downtime, Products, Safety

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