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Where are you replacing wire and cable most often?

Posted by TPC Team on April 16, 2019


Not all wire and cable are created equally, with only a small elite group of solutions designed to withstand aggressive routine and harsh abuse. With the high price tag associated with electrical failures due to downtime and constant cord and cable replacement, it’s important to take a close look in the areas where cables are replaced most often. 


  • Flexing— Do you operate robotic or automated equipment with continuous motion? Variable, torsional, and rolling applications need a cable that can handle constant bending day after day without wearing out.
  • Tension— Do you have an application with constant reeling and retractile applications? If you aren't using the right cable, it can cause unnecessary corkscrewing and premature failure. 
  • Impact and Abrasion— Are your cables directly hit or run over on a regular basis? Is there excess friction causing the jacket to wear out?  There are cables that can withstand these abuses and keep the integrity of the conductor in tact. 
  • Chemicals, Coolants, Oils— Do you have a cable that swells, stiffens or cracks after contact with chemicals or coolants?  Certain types of cable jackets and insulating materials can protect the jacket and conductors preventing failure.
  • Extreme Temperatures—  Do you need a cable to perform in continuous temperatures up to 1,000° F or flash heat up to 3,000° F?  Consider a cable that resists heat and will still perform normally through extreme temperatures.


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