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Amphenol TPC Wire & Cable Introduces New Cable Assembly Resistance Temperature Detectors Probe Assembly

Posted by Amphenol TPC Wire & Cable on Mar 7, 2024 10:12:35 AM





Macedonia, Ohio –March 7, 2024- Amphenol TPC Wire & Cable (ATPC) is pleased to announce the addition of Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) Probe Assemblies to its line of Cable  Assemblies. Built with Amphenol TPC Wire & Cable’s high-performance cables, a sealed RTD probe can be fully customized with different connector offerings and materials to fit the customer’s specific application requirements. It is designed to endure harsh industrial conditions, including abrasion, chemicals, and extreme temperatures ranging from -260°C to 860°C. RTD probes are commonly used in a variety of temperature-sensing applications including: 



RTD Thermoprobe 1_Web-1


  • Water jackets for oxygen or blast furnaces 
  • Industrial boilers and ovens 
  • Remote oil & gas wells and stations 
  • Refinery cooling towers 
  • Natural gas compression stations 
  • Food processing and storage equipment 

“We are thrilled to introduce this new capability to better serve our customers' temperature sensing needs. When we were first exposed to an emergency cable replacement process for a demanding steel mill application, we knew it was our duty to develop a longer-lasting solution to keep our customers running safely,” says Product Manager of Custom Cable Solutions, Andrew Smith.  

“Our customer has electric arc furnaces (EAF) which have a demanding cooling system comprised of a water jacket that continuously recirculates/chills water. This is used to prevent thermal stresses and cracks within the material of the furnace wall, and ultimately, premature failure of the furnace and components. Accurate temperature monitoring of circulated water is crucial for the proper functioning of these systems. However, the sensing elements in the customer’s existing RTDs were prone to failure due to water ingress, leading to either inaccurate or non-existent temperature readings. Additionally, steaming temperatures can pose a risk, which makes precise temperature monitoring even more important,” states Andrew. 

Upon installation, the RTD Probe Assemblies from ATPC were able to pass the lifecycle test. This was achieved using ATPC’s high-performance Chem-Gard® jacketed cable for temperature resistance and a fully potted and sealed RTD probe for water ingress protection. If you'd like to learn more about RTD Probe Assemblies, please visit RTD Probe Assemblies for detailed information. 

About Amphenol TPC Wire & Cable: 

Founded in 1979, ATPC is a leader in high-performance wire, cable, connectors, assemblies, and accessories used in harsh, high cost-of-failure environments. ATPC’s products are designed to exceed customer performance specifications and withstand abuse from impact, abrasion, flexing, chemicals, extreme temperatures, and other demanding application environments. ATPC’s products are specially constructed for a wide range of design challenges across high-reliability applications in diversified industrial end markets, such as automotive, food & beverage, wood pulp & paper, metals, shipyard, utility, mining, and industrial automation. For more information, visit tpcwire.com.  




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