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Still Buying CAT5e Ethernet Cable? It's Time to Increase Your Bandwidth

Posted by TPC Wire & Cable Corp. on March 26, 2020

Ethernet CablesSince 2001, CAT5e (Category 5 enhanced) has been the Ethernet cable of choice.  Operations have specified CAT5e for reliable network and industrial automation performance. After decades of using CAT5e, why would you change specifications? Ethernet cable standards have evolved and with advancing technology, the need for more bandwidth, faster speeds, and the ability to be compatible with CAT5e, improved Ethernet cables have been created. New options include CAT6, CAT6A, CAT7 or CAT7A Ethernet cables.


But if CAT5e works so well, why change? Connectivity. In order to make the most informed decisions for your facility, management needs reliable and instantaneous information. Connecting devices to your network allows Ethernet networks to feed real-time information to your system. With several connected devices within the system, bandwidth and transmission speeds become more of a concern.

When handling several devices and demanding larger bandwidth, an easy switch from CAT5e to the latest Ethernet cables can be exactly what your facility needs. The latest Ethernet cables have backward compatibility to make the switch simple and easy.  

Data constantly flows through these channels and your business cannot stay at full tilt without these cables being fully operational. At TPC, we work to offer customers high-quality CAT6 and CAT7 Ethernet cables designed to work hard and last long.


These Ethernet cables feature stranded bare copper conductors, designed to improve flexibility and offer a longer flex-life and built with cellular polyolefin insulation that provides excellent dielectric and insulation properties.

CAT6 cables are also available with an aluminum/polyester foil shield. The foil shield construction placed around each pair reduces radiated and conducted electrical noise interference.

Common applications for ethernet cable CAT6 include data processing and information systems, high bandwidth digital applications, and high data rate applications.


These Ethernet cables offer similar capabilities to the CAT6 Ethernet cables in addition to an ultra-shield configuration and aluminum/polyester foil shield construction, backward compatibility, and a combination of cellular insulation and shielded pairs.

All TPC Ethernet cables are available with custom connectors to meet your ethernet cable needs. 

For information on how to properly install Ethernet cables read our blog, The Do's & Don'ts of Installing Ethernet Cable Wiring.

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