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4 Quick Tips for Selecting the Right Electrical Wire & Cable | TPC

Posted by TPC Team on January 15, 2019

electrical wires and cables

Can you think of at least one area where you’re replacing electrical wires and cables often?

What happens when this cable fails? Unplanned downtime? You’re too busy for that.

Why is it failing? Is there a lot of flexing or tension on this particular wire? Is the area known to occasional, or frequent impact? Does your cable come into contact with chemicals or exposure to extreme temperatures?

When choosing the right cable for your problem area, you must first ask yourself why the cable is failing and how often it disrupts production? If your answer is often, it's time to look for a longer-lasting product. As experts in the industry, we can help you find the right solution for your failing cable.

Here are four tips to consider when choosing the right electrical wires and cables with the most life and reliability for your needs:

  1. If the area you have in mind is experiencing frequent flexing or tension, you'll want a cable that is finely stranded and has a high durometer like our Trex-Onics C-Flex product.
  2. If you're looking for a cable that might need to be protected from impact, like getting hit or run over, you'll want to consider a cable with a thick, reinforced jacket. Our Super-Trex portable cord is lined with 100% fabric serve. Don't like yellow? They come in black, too.
  3. Do you have harsh chemicals in your plant? You'll likely want to explore our Chem-Gard 200 TC Rated cable, solution with a specially compounded fluoropolymer jacket and conductor insulation.
  4. If you have extreme temperatures  hot or cold, you'll want to visit our Thermo-Trex 850, a high-temperature electrical wire for your environment.

We stock several types of rugged single and multi-conductor electrical wires and cables — including high-temperature electrical wire — that are designed for a variety of harsh applications

No matter what type of cable you're looking to install, make sure to consider both the application and environment that the cable will be used in before installation. 

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