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Choosing the Right Welding Cable

Posted by TPC Wire & Cable Corp. on February 24, 2020

WeldingWhether you are new or a veteran welder, it’s important you know the differences of welding cable before starting a job. Welding cable can be a simple design. Copper strands make up the inside of the cable, while the outside is jacketed. The combination of copper stranding and jacket material, usually rubber, determines the cable’s flexibility and durability.


To choose the right size welding cable you need to know the current levels you’ll be working with and the duty cycle for each weld. The more amps you use, or the longer the duty cycle, the bigger welding cable you’ll need. Larger welding cable sizes will be less flexible than smaller welding cable sizes.  Flexibility is very important for minimizing fatigue and strain.


The copper in the welding cable will produce some resistance heating. If you have the right size, you can expect the cable to be warm to the touch after it has been used. However, if you push too much current, or have too long of a duty cycle, with a cable that is too small, the cable will overheat and become damaged.

While not dangerous, using a welding cable that’s too big is inefficient and harder to work with. Larger cables cost more money due to having more copper material. Understanding the proper welding cable for the job is not only safer but also cost-effective.




TPC has prided itself in developing welding cable that will outperform other commercial welding cable in the market, and has expert product managers, sales representatives, and engineers to help navigate which welding cable is best for you. There are several features that make TPC’s welding cable superior- the jacket material and its thickness, a fabric serve, and very fine copper stranding.

  • Specially Compounded TSE Jacket is 25% thicker than ordinary welding cable jackets, giving exceptional damage resistance from chemicals, abrasion, oils, impact, weld splatter, tearing, open flame and heat.
  • 100% Fabric Serve prevents shrink-back and improves tear resistance.
  • 2-1/2 Times More Copper Stranding than conventional welding cable, allowing for maximum flexibility and ease of use.

TPC offers 600 Volt and DC welding cables that remain flexible and outlast commodity welding cables in a variety of welding applications.

Contact us today to learn more about which welding cable is best suited for you to complete the job!


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