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MSHA Approved Cables & Accessories You Need for Mining Operations

Posted by TPC Wire & Cable Corp. on May 22, 2019

In the mining industry exposure to abrasion, impact, vibration, and tension are common causes for cable failure. Choosing a high quality, high performance mining cable, assembly, or accessory is critical. TPC can provide tough, Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA)-approved products suited for the mining industry that you need in order to get the job done right.


Products from the Super-Trex® line and medium voltage cables such as, G-GC cable, Type W and SOOW power cables, reeling cables, control cables, and accessories are best suited for mining. Our mining customers use our cable in their shuttle cars, longwall miners, horizontal and vertical power feeds, continuous miners, and mining pumps.


Our Welding cable is popular in the mining industry because of its superior jacket, insulation and copper stranding. The thicker jacket, fabric serve insulation, and additional copper stranding allows for better protection against harsh elements, resists oils, coolants, and chemicals, and allows for maximum flexibility. A popular application for this cable is for welders and re-wiring in truck repair and maintenance.


Our G-GC cable is a heavy-duty portable cable that is water and flame resistant, impact and abrasion resistant, chemical resistant and provides excellent flexibility and a highly visible orange jacket. This cable can be used for mining pumps, off track equipment such as miners, shuttle cars, cutting machines, and also provides power to open pit strip and underground mines. 


Type W Yellow & Type W Black portable power and automation cable is rated for extra hard usage designed with an integral fill, dual layered fiber reinforced jacket and live-flex ribbed insulation for added strength. Popular applications for this Super-Trex® cable include power cords, drop lines, pumping operations, portable power, and light strands.


SOOW power cables, reeling cables, and control cables all provide excellent flexibility and long-term reliability. These cables can be used in the mining industry for conveyor pull cords and power cords.


Do you have a need that isn’t met by these solutions for popular applications? TPC’s engineering team can custom design a cable to meet your specific needs and applications. The complete package can be designed including the addition of connectors and/or terminations and creating storage and deployment systems that can help reduce downtime and increase productivity.


Explore our case studies to see how we’re helping reduce downtime and increase productivity for our mining customers.


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