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Amphenol TPC Wire & Cable Blog
Understanding Different Cable Gland Thread Types: NPT, Metric, & PG
Understanding MIL-C-24368/1 Shore Power Assemblies
Mastering RJ45 Connectors: A Step-by-Step Guide for Installation on Large Ethernet Cables
Discover the Four Key Types of Industrial Automation and Their Applications
Examining Type SH, Type MV, Concentric Neutrals Medium Voltage Cables
Shore Power: Leading the Path to Sustainability and Decarbonization
What is Mobile Statcom?
Shielded vs Unshielded Industrial Cables
Ensuring Food Safety and Efficiency: The Vital Role of Industrial Wire and Cable in the Food and Beverage Industry
Areas to Install High-Temperature Industrial Cables in Your Steel Mill
Industrial Cable vs. Commodity Cable
Prevent maintenance downtime in your shipyard!
Choosing the Right Cables for the Mining Industry
How to avoid frozen pipes and valves with Heat Trace
Wire and Cable Certifications Explained
Part Numbering Systems Explained
Why Cable Jacketing Matters
Understanding Why Cable Fails
Planning For A Successful Plant Shutdown
7 Tips for Electrical Cable Selection and Installation
Running an Efficient Welding Operation in the Shipyard
How to Keep Your Applications Running In Cold Environments
Welding Best Practices & Processes
Keep Boilers Clean & Efficient With Soot Blower Systems
What Cable Tray Does Your Machine Need?
Cranes in Steelmaking and How They are Powered
5 Things to Prevent Shock Hazards in Shipyards
How to Cut Costs & Improve Quality in Your Plant
Why Do You Need A Temporary Power Source?
Choosing the Right VFD Cable is Protecting Your Motor
Still Buying CAT5e Ethernet Cable? It's Time to Increase Your Bandwidth
Choosing the Right Welding Cable
Launching Into The New Year
THHN Wire, Meet Your Replacement!
Your Solution For Power and Deployment in an Emergency
Protected Under Pressure: Earning the IP69K Rating
Industrial Bus Cables: What Are They and Why Quality Matters
Choosing the Right Cable: Ampacity Correction Factors
3 Advantages our Marine Cables Provide Your Shipyard
MSHA Approved Cables & Accessories You Need for Mining Operations
Vulko-Wrap™  vs Electrical Tape, Stronger and More Versatile
Where are you replacing wire and cable most often?
A Year in Review: The Top 8 Accomplishments of 2018
4 Quick Tips for Selecting the Right Electrical Wire & Cable | TPC
3 Maintenance Management Practices To Reduce Downtime
Electrical Wire Maintenance Tools & Accessories
What Is VFD Cable & Why Does It Matter?
How To Extend The Life of Your Electrical Wires & Cable
5 Top Considerations for Choosing Flexible Medium Voltage Cables
The Benefits of Flexible Wire & Cable
The Top 3 Ways TPC Wire & Cable is Serving Shipyards
VFD: Installing Cable That Powers & Protects
4 Chemicals Destroying Your Industrial Power Cables
Disaster Preparedness: Forming An Emergency Operations Plan
5 Maintenance Tips for Wood or Pulp and Paper Machines
The Do's & Don'ts of Installing Ethernet Cable Wiring
Pin the Reeling Cable on the Crane Application
Keep Up With Demand From These 3 Food & Beverage Manufacturing Trends
Heat Tracing Cables Prevent Plant Downtime Caused By Frozen Water Pipes
Nikola Tesla: Electrical Engineer & Alternating Current Visionary
Tips For Revamping & Debottlenecking Your Industrial Manufacturing Plant
Benefits & Challenges Of Modernizing The Electric Grid
What Industries Are Making The Most Impact On Electrical Cable Designs?
Benefits & Applications for Medium Voltage Cable
Custom Electrical Cable Solves Industrial Application Problems
Reduce Downtime With Extreme Temperature Resistant Cable

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